On 19 November 1993 Shaugnah was born in Witbank, South Africa. By the end of Standard 5 she was accepted to start her High school career at Pro Arte, school of the arts in the chosen study field, music. At the age of 13 she took on guitar as an instrument of choice, to further her passion for music.

From a very early age she knew that music was going to be her career.  From the age of 5, she already started singing rhymes and poems to family members at get-togethers.  She was never shy and afraid to sing in public.

At the unbelievable age of 8, she wrote her first song, "Silver Storms", which turned out to be quite good for her age.  At the age of 9 she was taken to her first singing lesson, and has been attending since.  Later that year her music teacher wrote music for "Silver Storm" and recorded her very own demo for her to keep.

Since then she has been writing a lot of her own songs, but has not really worked on them yet.  Although they still live in Warmbaths,  Shaugnah has given up a lot of time at home, to get the best education in the field of music.  When asked why she doesn't board, she answers: I will miss my mommy.

Shaugnah has also recently in 2008 started teaching herself piano with the help of her music teachers at school to help her further her music career.  I think I get the best of both worlds, I go to school in the city AND live in the country side.

Shaugnah performed in 2008 on stage at Die Grootste Afrikaanse Treffer Musiekfees and also at Die Gemsbokfees with Steve Hofmeyr.