SHIMMER, the all girl Pop Rock trio hailing from Durban, are set to release their new Afrikaans Album on 24th February 2009. Their title track Net een van daardie dae, will be released to radio stations, together with a music video for TV music stations, early in December 2008.

"Shimmer" consists of the talented and beautiful sisters, Marlize (22), Chazelle (20) and Michelle (18). Already performing from a tender young age, the three sisters have always dreamed of becoming pop artists and have certainly come a long way with their talent and performance.

Shimmer initially released an EP (Mini Album) in 2007 to gauge the market response and see if their music would fit a particular niche. The EP gave valuable insight as to where to position their new Full Debut Album. Shimmer is also particularly proud to have penned most of the songs in this album. This album's goal is geared to fill the gap not yet dominated by any one, group or artist, present in South Africa, being an all girl Pop Rock group singing English as well as Afrikaans songs, that will target a broader audience.

The album has an interesting mix of 14 upbeat pop rock songs in Afrikaans, but then also slows down the beat with two beautiful English ballads, reflecting in particular their shared life's experiences and issues that most audiences can relate to.

For all the Shimmer fans out there, this Album is a culmination more than a year's work in the studio and lots of hard work to show their musical talent as they entered the Afrikaans music scene. As part of their pre-album marketing, Shimmer have released two songs Alleen in Johannesburg and Een van daai dae for play-listing on various radio stations and the songs have entered the Top 40 charts. Shimmer have also performed some of their new album songs at Firkin (Pavilion-Durban) and Aardklop, and were thrilled with the response from young and old audiences alike.